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Meeting venues should be conducive to discussions, interaction and creativity. At Palacina we locate you in serene seclusion at a meeting room located on the riverbanks of the State House valley. During your meeting, workshop or seminar, what better venue for your tea breaks & lunches than at our award winning Moonflower restaurant just a stone’s throw away?


Special events at Palacina
Already famous for our attention to detail, our unique Africana d├ęcor, our personalised service and our true Kenyan hospitality, Palacina has the perfect venues for your special events, anything form cocktail parties to Press conferences . We assure you of our personal attention towards making your event a memorable success.


Possible Events

- Breakfast & lunch events
- Special, theme & gala dinners
- Conferencing
- General Meetings
- Board meetings
- Intimate meetings
- Seminars
- Workshops

- Cocktail parties
- Birthday parties
- Anniversary parties
- End-year parties
- Press launches & briefings
- Press conferences
- Hens & stag nites
. and many other events